Foods that Never Freeze

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 18:04 -- edward

Freezing food makes the water content turn into ice crystals.  Ice is physically bigger than the equivalent quantity of water; so within the food the water expands and breaks the structure that holds the water.  Any food with a high water content is more vulnerable to spoiling when frozen.  Here is a list of food items that do not freeze particularly well...

Yoghurt/Milk and Cream - these are only really freezable if you have whipped them first.  Even then, when thawed they are never quite the same.

Emulsions - Mayonnaise/Hollandaise because they owe their flavour and consistency created by blending water and oil.  When the mixture defrosts the water and oil are separated...not good.

Eggs - In the shell they just burst and leak everywhere.  However, interestingly if you separate the eggs first you can freeze the egg whites, or yolks.  Never freeze a boiled egg (i.e. on that has already expanded with cooking) it goes weirdly rubbery.

Jelly or Jello - it separates in the same way as an emulsion.  The water breaks out and the texture goes nuts (kinda spongey).

Tomatoes - High water content leaves them mushy and awful.  Unless you want to peel the tomato, in which case running hot water over the surface of a frozen tomato will make the skin really easy to remove.  If you need to freeze tomato think about why.  Freezing a sauce or puree is much easier, so why not freeze after preparation?