How to cut a mango?

Sun, 04/25/2010 - 11:33 -- edward

I have totally destroyed more mangos than I care to remember.  However, this is a simple method to avoid the doom...
The reason that preparing mangoes is so difficult is all because of the shape of the stone.  It is a large flat stone, unlike most other fruit where it is round and easy to extract.

  1. Start by working out which way the stone lies.  Mangoes are (subject to some distortion) oval.  The stone always goes with the length of the oval.
  2. Using a serrated fruit knife cut down the length of the fruit starting at the narrow end; parallel to where you think the stone is.  You need cut as close to the stone as possible; use the blade to find your way.
  3. Repeat the above cut on the other side of the fruit.
  4. Now take one side of the fruit; cut in diagonals into the flesh (be careful not to cut the skin).
  5. You should now have diagonal cuts through the flesh.
  6. Pick up the fruit and apply even pressure to the skin to turn the fruit inside out.  This inversion will separate out the fruit, you can now simply cut the fruit off the skin.
  7. Result; beautiful cubes of delicious mango.