Introducing a Wine's 'Nose'

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:23 -- The-Wine-Man

The Olfactory examination is one of the key moments of wine tasting.  It allows us to define the main characteristics of a grape variety, to place the terroir and the climate, and to determine the stage of development of a wine or identify a particular vintage.  It is also a pleasant voyage of discovery of perfumes both rare and innumerable, each one generating a different sensation every time.

The taster's task is to precisely describe the emanations of a wine which, in turn, will help him in determining the corresponding typology of the variety of grape, the region of production, etc.  The first actual success at distinguishing, then defining, an aroma inspires a unique emotion, an indescribable feeling of joy mixed with surprise, like the discovery of a fascinating new toy equipped with an infinite number of combinations.

By the time the wine taster has completed the correct and precise visual and olfactory examinations, he is in possession of 70% of the information concerning a wine.  The essential role of the gustatory examination is to confirm his prior deductions, for, in the art of wine tasting, one never reaches perfection.  It is an illusion to believe it possible to pt on the magician’s suit and pull the exact answer out of a hat.  Even the most experienced wine tasters can never profess that their conclusions are indisputable.