White Wine Noses by Grape

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:25 -- The-Wine-Man

Sauvignon Blanc reminds one of the fresh fruit, basil, thyme, green peppers, pine, tomato leaves, mint.  When it has not been aged in the cask, it opens up in a very intense and direct manner.  A stay in the barel makes it more pomace, spicier, with a hnt of infusion.

Viognier is naturally exuberant in character, with aromas of violet and banana.  It nremains very intense and slightly exotic, with a hint of apricot.  It opens up even when young, and its bouquet is stronger than it is persistent.

Chardonnay, if it has not aged in the cask, exudes a bit of the mineral reminiscent of white-fleshed fruits such a pear.  The bouquet changes after it has aged in the cask, and it takes on a hint of peach, butter, toasted brioche, and during its development, more of the scents of acacia and of apricot jam.  It takes time to fulfil its potential and is not particularly expressive when young.

Enjoying a great terroir, Riesling expresses itself in a very assertive, linear manner.  Creating a discreet first impression, it must be decanted in the first few years.  Its dominant aromas are citrus, grapefruit, lime, and a hint of petroleum.  As it develops, it reveals perfumes of white truffle, lychee, clementine, and passion fruit.

Roussanne expresses itself exuberantly, with a hint of scrub, laurel, rosemary and candied fruits.

The chasselas is a neuter grape variety, not very aromatic.  Its subtle scent evokes pear, apple, and a touch of white pepper, and freshly cut aromatic herbs.