How to pick the best Fish?

Sun, 12/04/2011 - 13:50 -- admin

Fresh produce and ingredients is always important, but never more than with fish.  So how can you tell that you're getting the best fish?

Smell : If the fish smells fishy, then it's bad.  It's stale and that will not taste good.  Good fresh fish will have a salty, seaweed aroma.  Often times the fishiness associated with a fishmonger's shop is the waste fish (skin/bones/etc) lurking somewhere behind the scenes.

Eyes : Should be clear, bright/sparkly and full (not depressed and deflated).

Skin : Shiny with clear slime (not cloudy).

Gills : Bright and red showing that there's plenty of oxygen in the fish, meaning it's super fresh.

Touch : Fresh and springy, it should not leave an indentation when you push on it with a finger.