Flaky Pastry


A classic of the savoury pasty world; Flaky Pastry is a fundamental component of so many great dishes.


250 grams
White Bread Flour
150 grams
Butter (Or Margarine)
Lemon (Juice Only)
150 milliliters
Cold Water


  1. Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl.
  2. Divide the fat into 4 portions.
  3. Start by rubbing a one of the fat portions into the flour with your finger tips.
  4. When combined add a squeeze of lemon juice and the cold water to make a pliable paste.
  5. Roll out the pasty into a rectangle about 30-35cm long and 15cm wide.  Keep the sides as straight as you can (will make the folding much easier!).
  6. Mark the pastry with a knife into even thirds.  This should leave you with 3 roughly square areas.
  7. Using your fingers tear the second portion of fat into small pieces and place in rows of 4 across the width of the pastry rectangle.  Cover the bottom and middle thirds of your pastry rectangle.
  8. Now fold up the pasty using the guides you made earlier.  Fold the un-fatted piece down first.  Then fold the bottom third on top to create a triple-decker layers of pastry and fat.
  9. Turn the pastry a quarter turn (90 degrees) and roll out the pastry again into a similarly sized rectangle (probably a bit bigger now than it was before).
  10. Repeat the process of adding small lumps of fat and folding.  You'll do this twice more to finish using the portions of fat.
  11. Leave in a cold place to rest and for the fat to solidify again.
  12. When ready to use take from the cold place (probably the refrigerator).  When using in savoury dishes it's best to brush a little broken egg over the exposed surfaces before baking to get a great finish.