Steak and Kidney Pie



Make excellent use of that Flaky or Rough Puff Pastry you made earlier!


250 grams
Flaky Pastry (or Rough Pastry)
25 grams
Plain Flour
600 grams
Chuck Steak (Cubed)
100 grams
Ox Kidney (Cubed)
25 grams
500 milliliters


  1. Mix the flour with a little salt and pepper and roll the meat in the mixture.
  2. Fire up a decent size saucepan and bring the fat to a high temperature.
  3. Brown the meat in the fat.
  4. Once brown add the 500ml of stock.
  5. Boil and simmer until the meat is tender.  Depending on the size of the cubes this will take between 90 and 100 minutes.
  6. Pour into a large pie dish and allow to cool slowly.
  7. Roll the pastry so that it is about 5cm larger than the pie dish.
  8. Cut around your circle of pastry to remove a band about 1cm in width.  Stick this ribbon around the top of the pie dish using a little cold water.
  9. Then place the big circle of pastry on top of this ribbon sealing the pie dish.
  10. Flute the edges of the lid to give a layered appearance.
  11. Take a sharp knife and make a small hole in the center of the pie to let steam out during cooking.  You might want to apply some 'leaves' from off cuts of pasty too as decoration.
  12. Brush the pastry with a little beaten egg.
  13. Bake for 30 minutes at 220 degrees centigrade.  If the pastry starts to go too dark you can protect with a circular shield of greaseproof paper and keep cooking for the full 30 minutes.