Suet Pastry


Suet Pastry must be one of the simplest pastries to make and used for traditional pie making.


100 grams
Suet (Shredded)
200 grams
Self-Raising Flour
1 pinch
2 tablespoons
Cold Water


  1. Simply combine the suet, flour and salt in a bowl.
  2. Add cold water to make a pliable paste.
  3. Knead lightly to combine everything, then roll for use.


What went wrong?

  • Suet dumplings fell apart in the soup?  The liquid boiled too hard; it just just simmer otherwise the heat and vigorous motion will break the dumplings apart.
  • The suet pastry crust was too hard?  To get the pastry crispy you should serve directly from the oven.
  • My steamed suet pudding crust was too heavy?  Usually this means that the temperature dropped during steaming.  Make sure the water is really boiling before you start, and only ever add boiling water to the steamer.

Tip: Traditionally animal suet would be used (it's a hard animal fat) but vegetable suet can be used instead.